Paris Photoshoots

Gift yourself or others a photoshoot in front of the most iconic places of Paris.

1h shooting

  • 1 place in Paris
  • 6 edited photos

1h30 shooting

  • 2 places in Paris
  • 10 edited photos

2h shooting

  • 3 places in Paris
  • 15 edited photos

Our society has evolved. Technology has pushed our lives towards a more image centric means of communication. Photography stands out as an essential asset to put yourself forward and communicate about your personality.

By capturing moments of our existence, we make sure to immortalize them in our memories but also to others. We make them accessible to our loved ones and our friends.

Thanks to years of experience I will be able to help you capture portraits and moments that are both natural and aesthetic.

Julia-Tsapurak portrait paris
A unique and emotional style

There are no photos more successful than those that come naturally from their subject, in a form of authenticity and relaxation. The focus of my approach is to highlight the subject by suggesting and composing with the models to reveal their full photographic potential.

Julia-Tsapurak portrait paris
An high-end equipment

I use a high-end professional camera with a 42 Megapixel sensor ideal for printing photos in High Definition regardless of the format. I also use two lenses. A classic 50mm commonly used by many portrait photographers. And a 16-35mm called “wide angle” which allows me to get a more artistic rendering.

Photographie de rue d'un homme nourrisant des oiseaux à Paris
A beloved city

Paris only reveals itself if we explore its every corner and hidden pathway. I like to go out in search of the most atypical and secret places that inhance the city of light which represents an infinite source of inspiration.


First, we will discuss your photo project by phone or email. My goal is to identify the expectations and motivations that make you want a photoshoot. The more I know about your motive, the more I will be able to meet your expectation as precisely as possible.

After that we can schedule a shooting time, a day and a place.

The duration of the shoot will vary between 1 hour and 2 hours depending on the service chosen. The duration of the shoot will have an impact on the number of photos and shooting spots.

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