Your Photographer in Paris

I am Paul Piccolini, I graduated with a Bachelor in Business and a Master in Communication. But in reality, these degrees won’t tell you the most about me.

Having skills and an appetite for the graphic arts from a young age, I turned to photography in 2015 during a 6 month trip to Australia. Before leaving, I had decided to invest in an amateur reflex camera which eventually accompanied me on all my adventures and then became an integral part of my daily life for more than 5 years. My passion for photography intensified, and with it my eyes sharpened.

In 2020, after having outgrown my first camera I was eager to explore new technical and visual possibilities so I decided to upgrade to a professional camera. The feedback from my audience was positive and I decided to take a new step forward. This is how I took the plunge into becoming a professional photographer.

Welcome to my website where you will find my portfolio, my portrait services as well as my prints.

Portrait de du photographe Paul Piccolini



Paris Photoshoot

Gift yourself or others a photoshoot in the most iconic places of Paris.

Services on request

Interior, events or other requests… Send me a request by email explaining your project.

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